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Presenting for Success

Are you a young trailblazer eager to carve out your leadership legacy? Look no further than our CMI Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership, tailored specifically for ambitious students aged 16 to 19. Propel your future forward, unlock your leadership potential and become a driving force of change in the world.
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Qualification Reference Number: 603/2019/9

Programme structure 

This programme consists of a one-day, face-to-face workshop per unit followed by a structured written assignment that is completed with one-to-one tutor/coach support. This is an innovative and unique qualification and delivery model, encouraging you to take ownership and responsibility of your qualification journey.

Post-workshop assignment 

After the workshop, there is a written assignment (2,000 to 2,500 words) to complete. When you submit your assignment, if all the learning outcomes have been met, you will be awarded your Royal Chartered Management Institute Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership professional qualification.

Why Choose TFL Education?

How TFL Education Supports Your Learning Journey

As an Approved CMI Centre, TFL Education provides you with free membership of the CMI for the duration of your studies. Your membership gives you access to CMI's Career Development Centre and the online learning platform ManagementDirect, providing you with a wealth of tools, information and advice.

CV 360

Upload your CV for instant feedback against 50+ checks.

Your CV will likely be analysed by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before a human sees it. Only if the ATS finds it a good match will it reach a person. While ATS makes hiring easier for managers, it can complicate things for you. CV360 scores your CV against over 50 ATS checks that can cause it to be deprioritised. With CV360, you receive instant, detailed feedback to optimize your CV and improve your chances of getting an interview.

Interview 360

Practice your interview technique and get instant feedback.

 The hiring process is evolving, with employers increasingly using video interviews. Whether your interview is online or in person, practice is essential. Interview360 offers a comprehensive library of common interview questions with key points for each. It also provides mock interviews to test your ability to give strong, confident answers under time pressure. You'll receive instant feedback and advice to help you improve. Be sure to explore all our content for the latest tips on excelling in online interviews.

Management Diagnostics

Your very own personalised 3-step development cycle.

Answer a few questions about your knowledge and experience, and it will assess your management skills against the Professional Standard for Management & Leadership. You'll receive a personalised learning plan with resources to help fill your skill gaps. Plus, you'll earn a certificate of achievement for each completed module.


Your online management resource and learning portal.

ManagementDirect is the Royal Chartered Management Institute’s leading online portal of up to the minute management and leadership resources. With a wide range of content available, including checklists, videos, e-books, articles and journals; all accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device, you can select resources to help you develop your knowledge and understanding and to help you complete your assignment (s).

Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership

Presenting for Success is one unit in the Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership series. Learners must complete one unit to earn an Award qualification. All three must be completed to achieve the Certificate qualification.

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