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"Going through the CMI process supported by Aiden Harper was challenging and thought-provoking. Aiden's input as an advisor and assessor really enhanced the experience. Aiden was incredibly responsive, quickly getting back to discuss any questions I had and enabling me to move through the process at a good pace. His feedback and questions prompted me to reflect on my achievements and plans. He supported me in improving the quality of my submission by being an excellent role model for the CMI sub-skills; all of which he demonstrated with professionalism and empathy. The process was thoroughly worthwhile. It provided very powerful and useful professional learning for me. I can recommend using the TFL Education Assessment Centre for CMI Accreditation."

Karen Ardley | Director | Karen Ardley Associates

"You could see the excitement in their eyes. They were captivated, learning and having fun."

Sir John Jones | Speaker

"Having a programme fully resourced was received really positively by all practitioners at King’s and its high level of interactivity has contributed not only to high quality learning but we are able to objectively track leadership performance in our students through mapping the TFL curriculum to our ASPIRE programme. Further, to secure endorsement by the Chartered Management Institute not only demonstrates the excellence of the programme, yet serves as a real motivator to students who gain certification on successful completion of each programme. I cannot praise TFL Education enough."

Sir Iain Hall | CEO | Great Schools Trust

"I would recommend the Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership qualification for any person aiming at gaining a strong foundation that would be a springboard for leadership roles. For students preparing for university, this is a plus for your college applications in this increasingly competitive world."

Terry Sackey | Teacher | British International School Gambia

"I am currently a student enrolled on the Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring qualification. The course has proven to be an invaluable asset to my professional development, particularly in the areas of coaching and mentoring. Despite engaging in coaching and mentoring regularly within my role, this programme has provided a structured and reflective platform for me to enhance my existing practices. The curriculum has significantly expanded my knowledge and understanding of coaching and mentoring methodologies, pushing me to delve deeper into identifying opportunities for improvement within my organisation. One notable aspect of the course has been the emphasis on critical elements such as policies, coaching and mentoring contracts, and organisational frameworks, aspects which I am now hoping to implement in my organisation. This programme has, and is continuing to equip me with a more comprehensive toolkit to effect positive change in my workplace. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Aiden, whose support has been instrumental throughout this journey. While I typically prefer to work on an independent basis, Aiden has always been available to provide guidance and insights when needed. I highly recommend this programme to anyone working in the coaching and mentoring sector. It has not only elevated my professional capabilities but has also empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the continuous improvement of coaching and mentoring practices within my organisation."

Colleen Henderson | Apprenticeship Standards Manager | UCQ University Centre Quayside

"The series of First Steps to Leadership lessons have been useful in helping the children to realise their potential. As a result of the programme the class have begun to play and work more collaboratively with one another and there has been a definite improvement in their value of others."

Charlotte Worley | Assistant Headteacher | Bruche Community Primary School

"It had long been my career ambition to attain the prestigious status of Chartered Manager (CMgr), but I was uncertain about the initial steps. Upon discovering TFL Education, I reached out via email and was fortunate to connect with Aiden Harper, the director. From that moment on, Aiden became my guiding light, providing personalised guidance tailored to my educational background and experience.

He not only offered examples to enhance my report writing but also meticulously reviewed each section of my submission and provided feedback. Implementing his suggestions transformed my submission, making it not only logical but also reflective of my achievements and fully aligned with the CMI's code of conduct and practice.

Throughout the process, Aiden's support was unwavering, with prompt and insightful email responses. He went above and beyond, demonstrating true mentorship and teaching prowess. For anyone seeking to advance their career, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Aiden. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly set you on the path to becoming a Chartered Manager.

Thank you, Aiden, for your invaluable support, and I wish you continued success in guiding aspiring CMgr candidates."

Khurram Khan | Project Engineering Manager | Baker Hughes

"I am really enjoying the process! I think about things in a different way now as I am remembering material from the course when I am working and making decisions - it has encouraged me to be a lot more thoughtful instead of acting on impulse and not necessarily making the best decisions! 

It has really helped when communicating with other managers too. I'm beginning to adopt a more professional and methodical style."

Debbie Dodd | Finance Officer & Credit Control Manager | IRS Ltd

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