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First Steps to Leadership

First Steps to Leadership introduces students aged 9-10 to the idea of character development and leadership skills. With activity-led lessons delivered across six modules, the content is accessible for all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Module 1: Self Awareness

This module teaches the importance of self-confidence and encourages an understanding that there is potential for greatness in everyone. Students will learn simple ways to build confidence.

Module 2: Teamwork

This module focuses on the power of a team and everyone’s contribution. Discovering that no individual is more important than the team, students will learn that a team will fail without commitment from all its members.

Module 3: Leading

This module teaches the characteristics of good and bad leaders and the different pathways into leadership. Considering the qualities required for effective leadership, students will discover that leadership skills and behaviour can be learned.

Module 4: Communication

This module teaches the importance of listening as a leadership skill. Assessing the importance of clarity, pace and rhythm, students will learn how to respond when listening and discover ways to develop empathetic skills.

Module 5: Problem Solving

This module illustrates that problem solving is a key leadership skill. Students will learn the importance of their role as an individual and why they are the one person who determines success.

Module 6: Social Responsibility

This module teaches the idea of inclusion and why a worthy cause is important in leadership. Learning how to lead by example, students will discover the value of commitment and the benefits of an inclusive society.

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