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Key Skills for Success

Key Skills for Success is designed to support students aged 14-16 in their character and leadership skills development. With practical lessons delivered across three modules, students will come away well-equipped to make the transition to further education or employment.

Module 1: Personal Skills Profile

This module teaches the importance of self-confidence. Accepting the idea that there is potential for greatness in everyone, students will discover key qualities that drive success and learn simple strategies to build confidence in themselves and others.

Module 2: Communication

This module teaches the value of clear, honest expression and the importance of effective listening. Concentrating on emotional literacy, students will learn how the skills of an effective speaker can unlock power within the spoken word.

Module 3: Teamwork

This module teaches the power within a team. Understanding that no individual is more important than the team, students will learn how leadership changes within a team and that a team will fail without commitment from all its members.

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