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Level 5 Award in Professional Team Coaching

Ready to unlock the full potential of your teams and drive impactful change within your organisation? In today's dynamic business landscape, the ability to coach teams to success is essential for growth and resilience. Our CMI Level 5 Award in Professional Team Coaching equips leaders like you with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to become effective team coaches, fostering collaboration, innovation, and high performance.

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Why Choose CMI Level 5 Award in Professional Team Coaching?

Qualification Reference Number: 610/0900/3

Learners must complete the one unit below to a minimum of 10 credits. The minimum Total Unit Time (TUT) is 100 hours, including 30 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Unit Aims

Unit 536: Professional Team Coaching

10 credits ▫️ 30 GLH ▫️ 100 TUT
Team coaching brings together an existing team of people who have shared goals and purpose. This type of coaching can impact on organisational success. It has the power to optimise the effectiveness of a team, promoting trust, collaboration, cohesion and inclusion in the pursuit of a shared goal. On successful completion of the unit, professional coaches will understand the principles of professional team coaching and will be able to plan, deliver and manage coaching for teams.

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