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Level 5 Award in Professional Coaching Practice

Are you ready to take your coaching skills to the next level? Look no further than our comprehensive CMI Level 5 Award in Professional Coaching Practice. Designed for aspiring coaches and seasoned professionals alike, this internationally recognised qualification empowers you with the knowledge, skills and accreditation needed to excel in the dynamic field of professional coaching.

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Why Choose CMI Level 5 Award in Professional Coaching Practice?

Qualification Reference Number: 610/0903/9

Learners need to complete at least one unit below to a minimum of 6 credits. The minimum Total Unit Time (TUT) is 60 hours, including 14 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Units & Aims

Unit 531: Principles of Professional Coaching

6 credits ▫️ 16 GLH ▫️ 60 TUT
Coaching is a transformative learning process which can enable individuals to achieve their full potential. This unit introduces the principles of professional coaching, including the similarities and differences with other methods of support and the rationale for its delivery. There is a focus on the roles and responsibilities within the coaching relationship, organisational, legal and ethical frameworks and quality assurance.

On successful completion of the unit, the Professional Coach will be equipped with an understanding of the processes for contracting, delivering, and managing coaching.

Unit 532: The Role of the Professional Coach

9 credits ▫️ 28 GLH ▫️ 90 TUT
The ability to deliver high quality coaching is central to the role of the Professional Coach, regardless of whether they coach within their own organisation or as an external contractor. This unit focuses on the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to coach in a manner that is engaging, builds trust, and supports the coachee to progress towards their goals.

The unit is designed to enable the Professional Coach to explore strategies for managing stakeholder relationships, communicating with impact, problem solving and decision making. It concludes by considering how the Professional Coach can be supported to optimise the effectiveness of their practice.

Unit 533: Strategies for Delivering Professional Coaching

7 credits ▫️ 16 GLH ▫️ 70 TUT
The Professional Coach must utilise their knowledge, skills and expertise when selecting and using strategies for the delivery of professional coaching. Choosing the best approach can be challenging. This unit introduces a wide range of strategies for delivering professional coaching. It also explores the influence of coachee’s values, behaviours and culture on their ability to engage with the coaching process.

On successful completion of the unit, the Professional Coach will be able to apply their understanding of approaches, models, tools and techniques to develop a strategy to respond to different needs and expectations of coachee’s.

Unit 535: Management and Leadership Influences in Coaching and Mentoring

8 credits ▫️ 28 GLH ▫️ 80 TUT
Management, leadership, working with others, change and organisational culture are some of the key topics that arise when delivering professional coaching or mentoring. An insight into these topics will enable the Professional Coach or Mentor to develop an in-depth appreciation of the challenges faced by individuals they support.

The aim of the unit is for the Professional Coach or Mentor to evaluate the role and influence of organisation culture, management, leadership and change on coaching and mentoring and apply this information in their professional practice.

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