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Level 5 Certificate in Professional Mentoring Practice

Are you passionate about guiding others toward success and unlocking their full potential? In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, mentorship plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, fostering growth and driving organisational success. Whether you're an experienced leader looking to formalise your mentoring skills or an aspiring mentor eager to make a difference, our CMI Level 5 Certificate provides you with the tools and recognition to excel in the field of professional mentoring.

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Why Choose CMI Level 5 Certificate in Professional Mentoring Practice?

Qualification Reference Number: 610/0908/8

Learners need to complete the two units below to a minimum of 21 credits. The minimum Total Unit Time (TUT) is 210 hours, including 58 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Units & Aims

Unit 535: Management and Leadership Influences in Coaching and Mentoring

8 credits ▫️ 28 GLH ▫️ 80 TUT
Management, leadership, working with others, change and organisational culture are some of the key topics that arise when delivering professional coaching or mentoring. An insight into these topics will enable the Professional Coach or Mentor to develop an in-depth appreciation of the challenges faced by individuals they support.

The aim of the unit is for the Professional Coach or Mentor to evaluate the role and influence of organisation culture, management, leadership and change on coaching and mentoring and apply this information in their professional practice.

Unit 537: Professional Mentoring Practice

13 credits ▫️ 30 GLH ▫️ 130 TUT
Mentoring is a tool increasingly used to develop talent within an organisation, boost engagement and foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging. Mentoring has the power to improve the Mentee’s confidence, quality, consistency, and productivity in their work. It is a strategy used to support the Mentee to develop knowledge, skills, values and behaviours.

The mentoring role is highly skilled. A Mentor is a trusted advisor, and the role differs, depending on the Mentee and their organisation’s needs. Mentors have to be adaptable, willing to share their wisdom, expertise and insight with others.

The aim of this unit is to focus on the role, purpose and delivery of mentoring that empowers Mentee’s to work towards meaningful goals.

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