“Values-based character and leadership education leads to academic, professional and social success.”

Welcome to TFL Education

Teaching Future Leaders was established:

“To advance the education of pupils and teachers anywhere in the world by providing and assisting in the provision of character and leadership educational programmes.”

To support the development of pupils’ character qualities and leadership skills, we have created fully resourced primary and secondary school curriculum programmes and workshops. All curriculum programmes and workshops are culturally sensitive; promote a values-based education approach, and support SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship education.

The main benefit of using our framework is that all of the behind-the-scenes thinking around planning, delivery, engagement, pace, differentiation, and so on, has been done. We can therefore concentrate on empowering teachers to deliver more effective teaching and learning that impacts pupil outcomes.

Our Continuing Professional Development programmes provide teachers and senior leaders in education with work-based Royal Chartered Management Institute accredited qualifications that promote evidence-based professional learning.

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Primary School Courses

learning today - leading tomorrow

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Secondary School Courses

learning today - leading tomorrow

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Pupil Workshops

Helping pupils make a difference

Our work…..to date

Our curriculum programmes and workshops have been accessed by 25499 school pupils across 73 UK schools and 66 Overseas schools. Whilst this has allowed us to equip and empower teachers worldwide with a framework to support the development of their pupils’ character qualities and leadership skills, it has also provided us with the opportunity to work with pupils, teachers and school leaders to ensure that the framework has continually been developed and refined.


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

CMI Awards


Number of pupils successfully completing courses as of 31/03/2017.

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Professional Development

Helping teachers make a difference

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Schools Network

Supporting schools around the world

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World Leadership Academy

Connecting like-minded schools

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Raising aspiration through education

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Be Scene

Raising aspiration through Performing Arts