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As Seeb International School

When one is young one must think and plan with ambition for the future.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said

As Seeb International School (ASIS) is unique in its delivery of TFL Education’s character and leadership programmes. Nowhere else in Oman is character and leadership education such an integral part of school life.

As part of our unique vision here in Oman, we are keen to ensure that children leave ASIS with a strong sense of their own mission and with an ambition for the future. We want our students to leave with a desire to serve and to become the next generation of leaders in business, education, civil service or whatever career path they choose. To this extent, the character and leadership programme is not only explicitly taught, but is embedded throughout our taught curriculum.

The ASIS Leadership programme aims to develop the academic and personal character skills needed to be successful in life, so that all students can make the most of their abilities and interests in order to fulfil their true potential.

The ASIS motto is ‘Serve to Lead’, the principles of which we expect all students to have attained during their time with us.

The ’Serve to Lead’ principles:

S - Serving the community - to understand how important community is to them and their surroundings.
E - Enterprise - the ability to develop ideas and complete tasks with self-motivation.
R - Responsibility - to be honest and show integrity at the highest level.
V - Value others - be empathetic to those around them and able to work as a member of a team.
E - Esteem - to have a positive self-esteem and understand themselves.

T - Thinking skills - know differing strategies and methods of critical thinking.
O - Oration - be able to communicate effectively and with confidence.

L - Leadership - the ability to take the lead even when it is difficult to do so.
E - Enthusiasm - to try new things and go outside of ‘their comfort zone’.
A - Achievement - gain their qualifications and decide on their future.
D - Determination - to accept failure as a learning point from which to try again and then succeed.

The administration and staff at ASIS are committed to providing the best educational experiences for our students. Our goals are fairly simple: To provide the academic rigor necessary for continued success and to emphasise character education and good citizenship for all students.

Melvin Jones | Principal | As Seeb International School

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