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Team Leading

Empowering students to manage and lead with confidence.

Team Leading

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The Team Leading qualification is an Ofqual regulated professional qualification (Qualification Number 601/0498/3). The programme consists of three modules that have been specifically written to support schools, teachers, tutors and parents to teach character through leadership.

The programme consists of 15 Guided Learning Hours of ‘teaching and learning’ experiences and is designed to promote the development of the character qualities and leadership skills identified as essential for students to make the transition to further education and/or employment.

Assessment is by way of one, externally assessed, written assignment (1750 words). The assignment is set and marked by TFL Education. If all the learning outcomes have been met, the student will be awarded their Royal Chartered Management Institute professional qualification. If any of the learning outcomes are not met, specific guidance will be given on the additional work required.

Course Content

Module 1: The Team Leader

This module aims to help students to understand:

The role and responsibilities of the team leader.
The benefits of constructing personal development plans.

Module 2: Communication

This module aims to help students to understand:

The methods used to check and confirm instructions.
Those with who the team leader communicates.
The methods for maintaining and developing relationships.

Module 3: Coaching and Feedback

This module aims to help students to understand:

The elements of a work plan.
How to monitor and evaluate individual and team progress.
How to provide feedback to team members.
The role of the team leader in coaching team members to improve performance.

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Accredited Programmes

As an approved Royal Chartered Management Institute Chartered Manager Assessment Centre we are authorised to provide direct, quality assured, assessment and verification services.

Supporting the Learning Journey…

All students studying for their professional qualification will receive FREE TFL Education tutor support, FREE access to CMI's online learning platform and FREE professional membership of the Chartered Management Institute.

TFL Education tutor support
Students will receive unlimited online tutor support from TFL Education via Zoom.

Online Learning Platform
ManagementDirect is the Chartered Management Institute’s leading online portal of up to the minute management and leadership resources. With a wide range of content available in formats to suit different learning styles, including checklists, videos, e-books, articles and journals; all accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device, your students can select resources appropriate to the learning time they have available or according to their qualification structure.

Chartered Management Institute Membership
All students studying for their professional qualification will be eligible for FREE membership to support them for the duration of their qualification.

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Benefits for Teachers and Students

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