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Chartered Manager

The ultimate status.

Chartered Manager CPD Course

In uncertain times, never has it been more important to set yourself apart by becoming professionally qualified to the highest standard.

TFL Education have partnered with the Royal Chartered Management Institute to offer school leaders an accredited route to the prestigious award of Chartered Manager. The award is the highest status that can be achieved in management and leadership and is recognised throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines as a mark of excellence.

This online learning/coaching course provides the opportunity for Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders to reflect on school context, culture, vision and values as the basis to inform the identification of key achievements, leading people skills, managing change skills, principal learning lessons and future learning plans. This context specific management and leadership focus encourages participants to tie ideas to action to create real impact in schools.

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Accredited Programmes

As an approved Royal Chartered Management Institute Chartered Manager Assessment Centre we are authorised to provide direct, quality assured, assessment and verification services.

The Impact of Chartered Manager

We know that high-quality managers and leaders lead change; they improve performance, embed strategic thinking into practice, exceed targets, and are role models to others. Chartered Manager is a mark of excellence.

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Report an increase in self-awareness
Report an increase in self-confidence
Notice a positive impact on their teams
Improve operations in their schools
Make significant savings
Exceed their targets
Develop new products
Stand out

CMI survey of 535 Chartered Managers working in both large and small profit and not-for-profit companies.

Your Chartered Manager Advisor and Assessor

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Aiden Harper is the Director of TFL Education and Great Schools Trust. Aiden is also a Chartered Manager Advisor and Assessor.

Drawing on his experience as a teacher and leader in secondary schools, Aiden has spent the last 10 years designing a flexible and sustainable life-long leadership development framework. The framework provides character and leadership development programmes for primary and secondary school pupils and Royal Chartered Management Institute management and leadership qualifications for teachers and school leaders.

His work at Teaching Future Leaders has seen him provide and deliver programmes across the UK in the state and private sector and in a number of countries including: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, USA, Switzerland, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Malawi and Nigeria.

Aiden works on a one-to-one basis with school leaders to support their application for Chartered Manager status.

Why school leaders are committing to Chartered Manager…

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The journey of the CMI process has allowed me an opportunity to be reflective of my own practice as well as having time to share and discuss with like-minded school leaders.

The presence of Aiden and Karen has significantly enhanced the experience as it offered time for useful and encouraging dialogue.

I feel that I leave with a revitalised sense of leadership and would thoroughly recommend the course.

Basia Lubaczewska | Principal | Al Rabeeth Academy

This process has been invaluable! The timing was perfect for my own professional development and it also enhanced my thoughts around the development of all my teachers.

It was very challenging - in a good way! Having Aiden and Karen facilitating was key to enabling the process to be completed as any misconceptions were dealt with at point of need.

Having two full days to think about what I have achieved was empowering. I would never have thought about them in the depth that I have done.

Absolutely loved it!

Sue Darbyshire | CEO/Executive Headteacher | Community First Academy Trust

This was a superb programme which has encouraged the deepest reflection of leadership practice.

I have learnt from the discussions with the colleagues on the programme and valued listening to their leadership challenges in very diverse contexts.

The programme has helped to solidify my vision for headship, which is that ultimately an effective head creates a culture which promotes the development of staff. It is upon these values I hope to lead a school.

Thank you. I have been inspired.

Paul Davies | Deputy Headteacher | Fred Longworth High School

The preparation was helpful - I knew I needed to consider 3 key achievements over the last 18 months. It was helpful to know this in advance, in order for me to be thinking about what to choose.

I already knew 3/4 colleagues taking part, which was lovely, although this didn't matter because the group were very welcoming to one another and we displayed the positives that we all like to see in leaders. It was nice!

Aiden set the scene well on Day 1 and clearly outlined expectations. Karen looked after us all too, beautifully.

It has been a privilege to be part of such an inspiring group.

Jane Brierley | Executive Headteacher | Glodwick Infant and Nursery School

A structured process allowing two days to focus, share practice and collaborate with fellow professionals.

The focus on 'I', something that I don't make time to do, allowed me to look at my practice.

The outline and structure of the sessions provide an excellent framework in which to reflect.

Sean Power | Director General | Institut Florimont

Completing Chartered Manager enabled me to genuinely reflect on my effectiveness in school and celebrate my achievements through a truly professional process. It’s an excellent tool for professional development and the support of the Chartered Management Institute’s ambassadors has been exceptional throughout. I believe this is a great partnership between the teaching profession and an internationally recognised professional organisation.

David Cooper | Headteacher | Batley Girls’ High School

One of the best ways for organisations to move forward is through intelligent evaluation and performance review. Successful businesses and schools have known this for a long time, however, the question remains, ‘How often and how many of us apply the same rigour to our individual contributions?’ Surely, this is one of the most vital activities we can undertake as a leader, so why don’t we? Probably because it requires detailed ‘soul searching’ which is never easy! I found the Chartered Manager a particularly useful tool in this respect because it gave me a structured approach to introspect my strengths, gaps and impact.

Shane Ierston | Principal | King’s Leadership Academy - Warrington

As educationalists we are acutely aware of how powerful self-reflection is as a learning tool and the CMI clearly understand this principle too. As a Senior Leader in a High School, time is both precious and often in short supply. However, investing time in the CMI application and assessment process I know has supported me in my professional journey which ultimately benefits the school and its members.

Ann McCall | Retired Headteacher | Batley Girls’ High School

My Chartered Manager journey continually focused my reflections, enabling me to recognise what really matters, how I’ve really done and what real impacts I’ve made at my school. In education, we’re notoriously humble, but actually expressing these achievements both reinvigorated my own leadership and management and helped me encourage others further.

Karl Wilkinson | Principal | El Alsson British and American International School

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