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learning today - leading tomorrow

Effective teaching in the classroom is now widely considered the most important school-level factor in determining pupil outcomes. Effective management and leadership development is also crucial to this process.

Effective professional development for teachers is a core part of securing effective teaching. It cannot exist in isolation; rather it requires a pervasive culture of scholarship with a shared commitment for teachers to support one another to develop.

DfE July 2016

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Teachers say that good CPD is:

Bespoke - to school culture, vision and values
Flexible - for a variety of different contexts
Incremental - so that change can happen over time
Proven - to work in their particular context
Incentivised - with direct and indirect benefits


TFL Education’s leadership development framework provides a unique opportunity for you to design your School CPD programme around a Qualification Framework (RQF) of internationally recognised management and leadership qualifications. Crucially the programme can be delivered in-house by school practitioners.

From new entrants into the profession (teaching assistants, NQT’s, classroom teachers), through to Level 7 ‘Masters’ (middle leaders and senior leaders), and ultimately onto Level 8 ‘Chartered’ status, the highest recognition of management and leadership available, the structured framework supports your teachers and leaders at every stage of their career to develop their knowledge and expertise, increase their impact as a leader, and improve outcomes for pupils.

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Programme design, delivery and assessment

We do not specify prescriptive content or mode of delivery for our qualification programmes. Your school is able to design your own programme content bespoke to your context, ensuring the mode of delivery meets the needs of your pupils, teachers, leaders and stakeholders.

All of our programmes are mapped to National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership; we work with your school to ensure that your programme content and your delivery plan meets the Ofqual approved assessment criteria detailed within each qualification.

We have developed approved assignment briefs for each of the qualifications in our professional development framework, ensuring that your teachers and leaders can meet the respective assessment criteria for each qualification.

The assignment briefs provide best practice guidelines, examine school-based problems, and encourage your teachers and leaders to apply management and leadership tools, models and theories to increase their impact as a leader and improve pupil outcomes.

Once your teachers complete and submit their assignment briefs we then provide you with a direct route to accreditation.

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Accredited Programmes

As an approved Royal Chartered Management Institute Chartered Manager Assessment Centre we are authorised to provide direct, quality assured, assessment and verification services.

Supporting your teachers, managers and leaders

All teaching staff studying via our professional development framework will receive FREE TFL Education tutor support, FREE access to CMI's online learning platform, Free access to CMI's Career Development Centre, and FREE professional membership of the Chartered Management Institute.

TFL Education tutor support
Once you make the commitment to work with us your staff will receive unlimited tutor support from TFL Education. Support can be provided in person, or via telephone, email and/or Skype. Your staff can choose what works best for them.

Online Learning Platform
ManagementDirect is the Chartered Management Institute’s leading online portal of up to the minute management and leadership resources. With a wide range of content available in formats to suit different learning styles, including checklists, videos, e-books, articles and journals; all accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device, your staff can select resources appropriate to the learning time they have available or according to their qualification structure.

Career Development Centre
CMI's Career Development Centre provides your staff with a wealth of tools, information and advice to support their self-development throughout their professional development journey.

Chartered Management Institute Membership

All teaching staff studying via our professional development framework will be eligible for FREE membership to support them for the duration of their qualification.

The Framework

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Principles of Management and Leadership

Appropriate for Teaching Assistant / NQT / Teacher

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Management and Leadership

Appropriate for Middle Leader

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Strategic Management and Leadership

Appropriate for Senior Leaders

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Chartered Manager

Appropriate for Senior Leaders

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