Level 2 Team Leading

These qualifications are designed for team leaders; to support the development of their skills in leading a team, making sure that the team’s work achieves organisational objectives, and contributing to planning, problem solving and decision making.

Level 2 Award in Team Leading

Qualification Reference Number: 601/0498/3

Unit title: Introduction to team leading
Unit number: 2009V1
Credits: 6 | Guided Learning Hours: 25 | Total Unit Time: 60


This unit tests your knowledge and skills in the area of being a team leader. The tasks will enable you to demonstrate that you understand the roles and responsibilities of a team leader and that you are able to construct a work plan and communicate effectively with others in your organisation. The tasks are designed to enable you to demonstrate that you meet all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this unit.

Learning Outcomes
The learner will:

Understand the role of a team leader.
Be able to construct a personal development plan.
Understand and communicate instructions and plans.
Understand how to develop and maintain working relationships.
Understand how to construct and monitor a work plan.
Understand how to give feedback to the team.